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We are

a talent on demand platform for quality focused organizations

We help our clients hire top-tier independent consultants for projects and interim roles, offering a way to flexibly scale the workforce based on current needs.

What makes us a top-rated talent platform?

Top-Tier Focus

We focus on the most skilled and experienced consultants and professionals from leading international organizations.We vet our talent diligently for expertise and cultural fit.

Seamless Experience

We draw on our experience in management consulting to clearly understand and meet your talent needs. Our partners value our open communication and clear process.


We forge enduring relationships with leading international organizations. We support the continued success of our partners with flexible and tailored talent solutions.

Top-Tier Talent

We help you hire top independent consultants and investmentprofessionals for your projects and interim roles

We connect you with top-tier consultants and investment professionals who provide instant capacity and expertise on your own terms

Consultants bring structure to complex
challenges, design strategic plans
and drive implementation
Investment Professionals
Investment Professionals bring structure to investment opportunities, deliver due diligence, and create value

Our talent brings experience at leading international organizations

Expert Vetted Profiles
We carefully vet our talent through skill reviews, interviews, and references to guarantee expertise and cultural fit
Skill Reviews
We evaluate professional experience,
educational background, technical skills,
and notable achievements of the talent
In interviews, we assess the candidate's communication and problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and cultural fit
References play a crucial role in our
vetting process, validating work history,
skills, abilities, and working style
Seamless Experience
We draw on our experience in management consulting to clearly meet your talent needs and manage the workforce end-to-end
We source top-tier professionals that meet your talent needs and vet them for expertise and cultural fit
We swiftly integrate professionals into your organization and take care of NDAs, policies, etc.
We manage financial operations end-to-end, including timekeeping, invoicing, payments and expenses
Project Support
We provide support throughout the project, including onboarding, logistics, and quality assurance

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Our Partners

We partner with leaders in business and society
Consulting Firms
Hire top-tier consulting talent to successfully
complete your projects, on demand
Flexibly scale your workforce with top-tier
talent and gain expertise on demand
Government Entities
Build your capacity to deliver highly strategic
projects and drive economic growth
Sovereign Wealth Funds
Bring in consulting talent and investment
professionals to elevate your team instantly
Private Equity Funds
Hire investment professionals to deliver a due
diligence and manage portfolio performance
What our partners are saying about us
Very responsive and quick in action

It's been a pleasure working the team for the past year. The team is very responsive, even on weekends, and quick in action. We usually receive profiles on the same day.

Top-Tier Consulting Firm
Consistently sources high-quality consultants for us

The team makes an effort to understand our talent needs in detail and consistently sources high-quality consultants with the right expertise and values for us.

Top-Tier Consulting Firm
Ensures an effective and smooth experience

We speak the same language and I really feel understood. The team ensures an effective and smooth experience based on its background in top-tier management consulting.

Top-Tier Consulting Firm
Manages the external workforce end-to-end

We can focus on our project work and leave the rest to the team. The team manages the external workforce end-to-end and supports continued success of the engagement.

International Corporation
Head of Strategy
Manages to find specialized expertise & skills

As part of our work, we dive into a large variety of industries and functions. The team consistently manages to find specialized expertise and skills that we need.

Private Equity Fund
Vice President
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